Real Nachos

First of all let me apologize for my photography. I am taking pictures on my iPhone and also I shake, a lot. Since moving to upstate NY in the spring of 2003 one of the things I have missed most is good nachos. If anyone knows where I can get good nachos in the Albany/Saratoga area please enlighten me because you just can’t find them. Denny’s nachos are the closest that I have found but it just doesn’t sound right to get nachos at Denny’s. Also, it is a 25 minute drive to get there. So…

When you can’t buy something you learn to make it yourself. My Humbly (dear husband) made me to dinner on Friday night, steak, roasted potatoes with onions and asparagus (yes I pushed the green onto Humbly’s plate), and farm bread. The best part — leftovers that we made into nachos the next night. This was dinner Saturday night.


I cooked up 4 slices of bacon then we reheated the steak in the bacon drippings. Now, the key to great nachos is a variety of cheese. We had two types of cheddar and a Jalapeno Monterey Jack that we found at our local Price Chopper. We also added lettuce, purple onion (also known as red onion but it is not red, it’s purple), and scallions. On mine I put jalapenos too and Humbly put black olives. We do a layer of chips with all the toppings and then a second layer with all the toppings. Bake at 350 for 7 minutes (rotating in the over at the 5 minute mark to ensure even cooking). Then we topped it with canned chili beans, sour cream and taco sauce (hot for me, mild for my wimpy white boy).


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