Reading Holiday – First 3 Hours

I started the Readathon kinda slowly but I have finished the first 2 books on my list. Don’t be too impressed. That is a total of 31 pages. I also listened to The Escape by David Baldacci while I helped my humbly clean the back yard. So here are my reviews so far.

As I have mentioned I tend to ready books with over 200 pages because I think that much is required for good character and plot development. My first two books have done nothing to dissuade me from that thinking.

The Games We Play by Sean Hayden was actually a cute short story about a woman who gets picked up in a bar but things don’t turn out as the reader expects. I gave it 4 stars because of the twist at the end of the story.

Amish Blizzards Volume 1: A Winter Surplus was a disappointment. It is really just the first few chapters of a bigger book which I may, or may not search out. The story is basically that Abby Yoder is the new school teacher in town. Nathan Miller is a widower who needs a school teacher for his kids but every year the new school teacher goes off and gets married and then they need another new school teacher. He is praying that God would send him someone to teach his kids and someone to replace his wife. Abby might just be the answer to all his prayers.

Next up…Gutenberg the Geek and Be Happier at Home. The first two non-fiction. Stay tuned.

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