Day 1 on Weight Watchers, again.


That’s it! This is the day that I make a real commitment to lose this weight and keep it off. No excuses. No justifications. No “cheating”. I have a plan and I will stick to it because my son, T3, is graduating high school next June and I want to focus on him and not how fat I look in the pictures. I want to not get a heat rash in my neck creases every summer. I want to shop in areas of stores made for regular sized people. I want to feel like people aren’t judging me based on my weight but solely on the strength of my personality. I want to feel comfortable in my car with my seat belt on and not have to make adjustments for my gut. And I want to be comfortable when I go to the movies, concerts or get on airplanes.

Today I feel in control but I know there will be times when I don’t. I started this morning by going to the store and buying potatoes, salsa, hummus, peppers, bananas, pineapples, scallions and Canadian bacon. Tonight on the way home I will be stopping again for veggie burgers, sandwich thins and chicken breasts. Today I commit to writing down EVERYTHING I eat. EVERYTHING!!! If I go over my points so be it but it will be written down because when I write it down, I lose weight. Period.

I will not let people make me feel bad about my 2 diet soda a day habit. Once I am thin I can think about maybe cutting back or giving it up entirely but for right now it is helping me to not drink my points. I will not feel bad about eating a lot of 0 point fruits so that I don’t feel hungry or deprived. They are 0 points for a reason and I will take advantage of it until it prevents my weight loss.

I will read a Weight Watchers article, weight loss blog article or listen to a weight loss podcast EVERYDAY. When I am keeping my goal in front of myself it is easier to stay on track. It forces me to make a conscious decision to go off plan.

My work is having a walk a mile a day (5 out of 7 days) challenge this month and so far I am on track but if my Plantar Fasciitis flares up I will first take care of that by resting, stretching and with massages. Then I will go to the gym and ride bikes or do the elliptical or do some yoga. What I won’t do is stop exercising EVERYDAY. I want this too much. I want to be under 200 lbs at this time next year. That means I need to lose a pound a week. This is an achievable goal.

Finally, I will read ALL of my Weight Watchers documentation EVERY WEEK and will do the activities suggested. The more interactive I am with the program the more motivated I will be. Because this is it. Today is the day I change my life.


Here is my before picture (T3 was cut out because of privacy issues) with Trace Adkins and the lead singer of Locash.

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2 thoughts on “Day 1 on Weight Watchers, again.”

    1. All fruits are 0 points and most vegetables (peas, potatoes, corn and avocado are more) but almost everything else is free. Even carrots are free.

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