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Wendy’s Ghost Pepper Fries


While racing back to work after a stop at Sam’s Club I stopped at Wendy’s to pick up a salad to eat at my desk. First, let me say you should NEVER go to Sam’s Club hungry. However I did pretty good and only bought their multigrain ciabata bread. I was very proud of myself for not stopping at their concession stand for a slice of pizza.

I was proud of myself for choosing a salad. Then I drove up to the drive through and was confronted by this.Ghost-Pepper-Fries

I love spicy food and have heard all about the ghost pepper from my friends at Chopped and the Kitchen on Food Network. The pull was too strong. It was just for a limited time. What’s a girl to do?!

I caved.

I was underwhelmed when I opened the container. The picture at the top of the post was not mine. I was so hungry that I devoured mine before ever thinking about getting a picture. Mine had less than half the cheese shown in the top picture. The taste of the dish overall was not bad.

The fries were not what I was expecting. I have not had fries from Wendy’s in a while but I was expecting the thicker cut fries. These were closer to McDonald’s size without the awesome taste.

The cheese sauce was very good.  I loved the diced jalapenos sprinkled liberally over the top. The heat level was perfect. Hot enough to know I was eating jalapenos and ghost peppers, but not so hot that I was scrambling for my water. (By the way if you really need to get rid of the heat try a teaspoon of honey. Thanks Jeff Mauro!)

Unfortunately I ended up wearing it.

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