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Funeral Potatoes

Every first Sunday of the month I bring food to share after church service. On cold winter days I try to bring something warm. I found “The Best Funeral Potatoes” on the Recipe Critic website.

I decided that I would prepare the recipe the night before and put it into my CrockPot Casserole that I could put in the oven before church and keep warm during service.

I fried up the onions in butter (yum!) and added the garlic (more than it called for). Then I mixed the rest of the ingredients and added them to the CrockPot. I made the topping with panko instead of corn flakes.

It went over like hotcakes at church and was stick to your ribs good. Next time I will increase the salt and pepper but other than that I wouldn’t change a thing. If you add diced ham to it then it is a full meal.

I forgot to take a picture. :~(