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It occurred to me today that I should have named my website something like OCCB Diva, but that would have been too far from the whole OCD joke. I enjoy cooking, I like crafting but I love reading.

I haven’t gotten around to doing a post on crafting yet but mostly I knit. Right now I am working on a shawl/scarf for my DD, darling daughter, who is going to be 19 in June. I will definitely do a posting on that if it gets done. I have just started the hard part of the pattern, the lace edging. And I have threatened several times to rip the whole thing out. But that is for later.

In 2014 I read a total of 85 books including two that were over 1000 pages (thank you Stephen King). This year my goal is another 85 but according to Goodreads I am 4 books behind schedule at the moment. I blame this on the fact that I spent most of January listening to the radio on the way to and from work. I am back to listening to audio books on my daily commute of about 45 minutes each way.

Right now I am listening to The Help by Kathryn Stockett and reading Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel. Both books are not the type that I would normally read but I am enjoying both immensely. I just told Humbly this morning that I don’t get emotionally involved in books because I don’t tend to read drama.

The Help is about how black women were treated in the South in the 1960s and Station Eleven is a dystopian novel that focuses more on the thoughts and emotions of people who survived than on how they survived. So, light reading. Right.

Moving on to vegetables. It is no secret, dear reader, even if you only met me on Sunday when I started my blog, that I have no love of vegetables. However, once a week, right at my work, I am able to get farm fresh fruits and vegetables through a company called Field Goods. What is really neat about this is that I get to try out new things that I would never consider buying at the grocery store.

Last week one of the items I got was celeriac (no not celiac which is a gluten intolerance). Celeriac is celery root (I don’t think it is the root of what we typically buy as celery at the store but a cousin of it). A really ugly cousin.



I mean it kinda looks like brain, doesn’t it?

Well, you may have noticed that we made homemade french fries on Monday to go with our French Dip sandwiches. When I was researching what to do with celeriac one of the options was to french fry it and I always say that anything tastes good fried so that is what we decided to do. We sliced up some potatoes using my Pampered Chef fry cutter (sorry its been discontinued) and I sliced up the celeriac with a knife (because it is harder than a potato).


Oh did I mention that I am a Pampered Chef consultant?


So anyway, we have never made homemade french fries before so we asked Google how to do it. The Internets said that you should fry your fries twice, so we did.


But we only fried the celeriac once.


Pampered Chef Bar Board and Forged Cutlery 7″ Santoku Knife are still very much available.


I gotta be honest. The fries were pretty meh. I mean, not bad for a first try but definitely not awesome. The celeriac tasted like a celery french fry. It had the texture of a french fry but just the slightest taste of celery. The menfolk thought it was edible. I had one and decided that was enough. Oh well, at least I am trying.

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