Beaded Shrug and Adirondack Fiber Festival

About two weeks ago now, my DD (dear daughter) and I made our pilgrimage to the Adirondack Fiber Festival. This is an opportunity for some quality bonding time, for finding projects to make for Christmas presents, and for spending way too much money. I literally turned to DD and said “get me out of here before I spend more money.” I wish I would win the lottery so that I can buy all the beautiful yarn that was available.

The nice thing is that the Fiber Fest is only about 15 miles up the road from our home so it isn’t some big road trip. I even had $1 off coupons to get us in but at $5 for adults it really isn’t expensive.

DD’s favorite part is getting a treat from the Amish who have a baked goods stand. Usually she gets raisin bread but this year she got a loaf of honey wheat.

We saw people weaving scarves which looked like a lot of fun but seemed to take a lot of room to do. Something to consider learning in the future but right now I am happy with my knitting. I bought a couple of patterns and some hand wax that keeps the yarn from snagging on dry hands and cuticles. But the big thing I bought was a kit to make DD a Beaded Shrug similar to this one.

hbd-shrug-beadedshrug_medium hbd-shrug-beadedshrug_6_medium

The kit came with the yarn and beads of our choice, a beading needle and the pattern. I rushed right home and promptly dumped about 1/4 of the beads in the grass across the street. *sigh* So now I need to find matching beads before I can start the second sleeve.

After putting something like 780 beads on the yarn I was finally able to get started. The first row was a BIT– er, was very difficult, but once that was done it worked up very nicely. I am about 1/3 of the way done and really need to get to the bead shop to get more beads. Assuming all goes well I am pretty sure I will have it done in time for Christmas.

Here are some shots of the one I am doing.

beaded shrug

Also, it is fall so here is a picture of the leaves turning.


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